Farm Tour

Farm Tours for ChildrenA great learning experience where children learn about the life of a farmer and the animals we raise while having fun and building memories.
  • Milk a goat.

  • Look for eggs in the nesting boxes.

  • Feel the wool of sheep and angora rabbits.

  • View our observation honey bee hive.

  • Brush a pony, measure a horse, lift a horse shoe in the horse barn.

  • Listen to the ducks, pet the calves, and see the pigs while learning many interesting and fun farm facts.

  • Read a story, grind some corn, solve the foot print mystery and play in the giant sand box.

  • Visit our display of antique and new carriages and sleighs.

  • Springtime brings about many births on the farm. We have several lambs, goat kids, calves, foals, piglets, bunnies born as well as chicks and ducklings hatching.

  • Pumpkin picking in our fields is fun in the fall.

  • Challenge your friends to an old fashioned water pump duck race!

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